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Restaurant Relaunch Program

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, the Restaurant Relaunch Program is designed to help restaurants and similar businesses with a fast injection of capital to get back to business.

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What is the Restaurant Relaunch program?

The Restaurant Relaunch program is for restaurant businesses (dine-in, takeout, fast food, and other eating places), to get access to funding for re-opening and get back to business.

Program summary:
Up to $30,000 in funding

The flex-fund amounts range from $7,500 to $30,000 to restart your restaurant.

Exclusively for restaurants

A targeted offering and fast injection of capital designed for restaurants looking to get back into business.

Our fastest approval process

Get offers in a matter of hours with only 30 days of transactions required.

Am I eligible for the program?

The Restaurant Relaunch Program is available to dine-in, takeout, fast food, and other eating places that are:

Planning to re-open within 2 weeks of the application; or

Open but currently only offering delivery and/or takeout; or

Have been re-opened for less than 2 weeks of the application; and

Not based in Manitoba (temporarily ineligible due to restrictions); and

Have no existing debt balance.

Keys to a successful application

The following documents and proof will increase your chances for a successful application. You’ll need to:

Provide your restaurant sqaure footage (not including patio)

Confirm you have a patio presence (YES/NO)

Provide opening dates (expected or actual)

Provide 30 days of bank statements

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Not eligible for Restaurant Relaunch or need additional funding?

We suggest reviewing the following Small Business Loan programs:

Last updated: Dec 6, 2021. Funding programs will be updated regularly.

Additional options available soon…